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Fundraising Banners

P.P.B. - Personal Pride Banners
The Personal pride Banner has revolutionized the fund-raising industry as we know it. The P.P.B. will allow any organization to create revenue through the sale of a product that the consumer will cherish for a lifetime.

The P.P.B. is an individual banner of any person you are proud of that has achievements you wish to highlight. You can now put their picture on a large banner and show it off to the world. You can choose to have your P.P.B. printed on our 13 oz vinyl material or on a heavy duty foam board.

The best thing is that you get to target what profits you need for your organization. The banners have a set price, and you keep whatever money is raised over the cost of the banner. It is that simple!

School Spirit Signs
THe School Spirit Sign is an outdoor individual sign of any student that participates in school activities. The signs are custom designed for each school ordering, and the student's name and activity decals can be purchased by the parents or by the students.

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